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Methods to Install MIUI 12.5 on Xiaomi Manually

Methods to Install Miui 12.5 on Xiaomi Manually


Methods to Install MIUI 12.5 on Xiaomi Manually

This new MIUI 12.5 update can also be called polished MIUI 12. This update is very focused on security and privacy. Now Xiaomi users have perks to cut down on preinstalled applications.


Go to the settings of your phone. After tapping on about phone >update directly. If the option of update 12.5 version appears on your screen. Update it or update the setting option or tap five times on the update screen. Then among many other options, select “receive updates earlier” Now onwards, you will be getting the updates earlier as compared. Update the same day. If not done so, this update will be gone.

This method is simple and hassle-free. Without further ado, we need to load the update to MIUI 12.5 using the authorized Xiaomi website. Prior to this process, plug in the charger to have at least 50 percent battery. Make a backup copy of your documents, photos, and videos so that you do not lose any data after the installation the completed.


Following are the steps to install MIUI 12.5 on your phone: Go to settings, then tap on About phone. Click on the MIUI version. Now, tap multiple times on the MIUI logo until a pop-up message emerges, which will notify the activation of additional functions. In the next step, we will click on Select Update Package. After choosing the MIUI 12.5 zip file and then click on OK.

Then, we will need to go to .zip format for downloaded updates. After this procedure, your device will initialize the package and begin the process of flashing. Now, your phone will be on rebooting mode. Have a cup of tea in the meantime, because the first reboot may usually take some time.

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Following one of the two methods, your phone will reboot with the latest MIUI 12.5 update in the blink of an eye. You will be noticing some of the MIUI 12.5 specific features in your phone. This enhanced version of MIUI has numerous fascinating features that will make your device functioning smooth. Your fingers will get obsessed with gliding on the new updated screen of your device. Check for the recent changes and enjoy your MIUI updated app features.

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