How to know subconscious signs, a man likes you

How to know subconscious signs, a man likes you

Are there any laws, formulas or definite patterns to know that a man likes you? Well the answer is NO. Don’t be disappointed because there are some subconscious subtle behavioural patterns, body language indicating that he is into you. It would not be futile to check them on your casual conversation or first date. Some of them are made at the subconscious level where the man also does not know that he’s interested in you. Old saying “Men are from mars” is not true anymore. Few signs which can be in your favour to know that the guy is interested in you are as mentioned:

  • Positive body language: His arms are not crossed or hands are not in his pocket while talking to you. He’s not gazing in the horizon or checking someone else out, while you are trying to talk.
  • Never misses an opportunity: Be it’s a morning “Hi” or “Good night” he never misses to make an attempt to talk. May be if it’s even two-three lines. By just being in touch all the time is a clear cut sign of his interest.
  • Mr Questionnaire: Guy asks probing question to check your current relationship status. It’s a hint to check if there is a vacancy for him. If he can fill in the blank space.
  • Attention to detail: Man, who is interested in you, will asks your likes and dislikes. Taste in music, travel, books, fitness etc. All this hard-work for making future dates more promising with you.
  • Mood lifter: At work place, college or in building premises sometimes you miss out on the good guy just because he’s making you smile or laugh, when you have a bad day. You never see him in that light. But he’s definitely into you, otherwise why will take so much of an effort.
  • Takes effort: Guy making effort to look good, smell good and talk/do things of your interest. Did you notice a change ever since you first him. If the answer is yes. Then he’s is showing interest but not ready to admit it yet.
  • Makes eye contact: While talking to you he makes an eye contact. Leaves everything he’s busy with when you are trying to talk. Holds your hand or put his hand on your shoulder. It’s a very clear cut sign of being interested in you.
  • His pupils dilate and eyes lit up seeing you. His behaviour is different when you are around. He wants to make a good impression on you.
  • Is open about his previous disastrous relationships. Wishes to make a fresh start with a clean slate. Just think! Why he is making so close details clear to you. He’s into you.

If you see these signs on a regular basis, that someone holds a special place for you in his heart. Further hold no doubts reciprocate to his signs in a subtle way. Take your casual acquaintance to a different level of romance and love.

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