The hottest soccer stars of the FIFA 18

The world has been enjoying the biggest ever soccer party on earth with the FIFA World Cup 2018 which is currently happening in Russia. Soccer is believed to be the hottest sport as it is played by some of the most smoking hot players from the world. Keep your eyes wide as we discuss the hottest soccer starts of the FIFA 2018 here.

Julian Brandt

Not an impressive debut, but his innocent and impeccable look has bowled over many fans. The young and vibrant Julian Brandt is just 22 years of age. He is a German footballer who plays as a winger for Bayer Leverkusen and for the national team of Germany. He has played from U15 to U21 and was also the squad member of UEFA European Under-19 Championship winners in 2014.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The list would be incomplete without a mention of Cristiano Ronaldo. His well-toned physique and attractive personality make him one of the hottest players. Cristiano Ronaldo is a 33-year-old Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He is not only adjudged as the world’s best player but is also known for his killer looks that keeps his fans awe-struck.

Gerard Piqué

Piqué is the next dashing name. This cool hunk has a relationship with the international sensation Shakira. Piqué, 31 years of age, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays center-back for Barcelona and the Spain national team. Piqué instantly caught many luring eyes as he made his debut in 2009. When his team won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012, he had a huge female following.

Mats Hummels

Hummels, a flamboyant central defender for Germany, has been able to impress his aficionados with his immaculate looks and with his benevolence. It is believed that he donates a major percentage of his paycheck to the charity, and we can’t help falling in love with him.

Lionel Messi

This guy needs no introduction. The greatest soccer player in the history, Lionel Messi, is an Argentine who plays forward for Barcelona. His admirers remain perplexed whether this multi-talented man plays better or looks better!

Birkir Bjarnason

This tall and handsome player belongs to the team of Iceland. Also known as “Iceland’s Thor” owing to his striking built and golden hair, and he plays extraordinarily too. Iceland emerged as a surprise in 2016 European championships when it defeated England in the quarter-finals.






How to whiten teeth naturally at home?

How to whiten teeth naturally at home?

Market is full of teeth whitening products. Most of them are chemical induced and are temporary fixes for teeth whitening. Natural with no chemicals and zero side effects products are best to use, when it comes to putting something internally bleaching products should be avoided at all costs. You might feel your teeth are turning yellow as you grow older. This happens due to eroding of enamel and your dentine starts showing up on the teeth surface. This is made of bony tissues, lying under the enamel. Listed below are some simple home remedies for teeth whitening.

  1. Oil pulling: this is century’s old Indian origin remedy for removal of toxins and oral hygiene. It involves swishing of oil around your mouth for the removal of bacteria. These very same bacteria over a period of time are responsible for plaque and tartar build up. Originally mustard or coconut oil was used. Honestly any oil will work for oil pulling therapy. Lauric acid properties are in abundance in coconut oil, thus it has gained a lot of popularity recently. Oil pulling remedy if practised daily, ensures curbing gingivitis and plaque permanently. You can reduce your dental visits and bills to nil.

Methodology: take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or any oil in your mouth. Then push and pull the oil through your teeth for 15-20 minutes. Best is to conduct this activity in the morning as first thing after getting up from the bed. Remember to throw the pulled oil in trash or toilet to avoid clogging of your pipes, as it will get hardened with cold temperature. It is a sure shot method to healthy oral hygiene with zero side effects.


  1. Brush with baking soda: all toothpaste use baking soda as their main ingredient for teeth whitening. Due to its alkaline nature it stops the growth of bacteria on teeth and gums.  It is good for removing stain from the teeth’s enamel. Regular use of baking soda while brushing will show definite whitening results. It is an on-going process and not a one-time shot. Scientifically it is not proven thought all the toothpaste companies are using this as their main ingredient for teeth whitening.

Methodology: mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 2 teaspoon of water. Brush your teeth gently with this mixture. Always remember do not brush too aggressively; else you might get bruised gums.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Since ages it a very handy house-hold product famous for disinfecting and cleaning purposes. Presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar has bacterial killing properties. Its anti-bacterial properties has brought the attention for using this amazing product for teeth whitening and tackling bacteria built-up.

Methodology: dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in half cup of less warm water. Swish it around your mouth for 6-8 minutes. After throwing it rinse your mouth with normal water. Always remember due to acidic nature this remedy can be applied only twice a week.


  1. Strawberries and baking soda: strawberries are a rich source of malic acid. It works wonders for the removal of any stains from the teeth. When combined with baking soda this remedy will give sparkling white teeth. Although there are no scientific searches proving the authenticity of the combination.

Methodology: Grind some strawberries in a fine paste and add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Apply this paste gently on your teeth for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Practise this remedy to a limited number of times during the week.

  1. Pineapple: contains bromelainan enzyme famous for removing stains and whitening teeth. Some toothpaste uses this as one of the major ingredient for their claim to fame of teeth whitening. Although it is still unclear if the same effect can be measured by just eating pineapple few times a week. Pineapple has a lot of fibre to remove plaque, bacteria and bad odour. All fruits rich in citric acid and fibre are good for oral health. Vegetables and salads rich in fibre are also good supplement for oral health and hygiene. Intake of calcium rich food has multiple benefits. Milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli etc are all calcium supplementing food products. They are good for bones and help enamel health and decrease its erosion.


Brushing and Flossing: There are no short cuts to healthy oral hygiene. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day, does not allow mouth from becoming dry. Try and brush your teeth after every meal. T decrease bacteria built-up resulting in tartar and plaque problems. Flossing is also an essential exercise good for oral health and hygiene. It will not allow any food particle to hide and lie under any corner of the mouth and let the bacteria develop happily on it. These few measures will save you from pain, torture, visits and dental bill by and large.



How to know subconscious signs, a man likes you

How to know subconscious signs, a man likes you

Are there any laws, formulas or definite patterns to know that a man likes you? Well the answer is NO. Don’t be disappointed because there are some subconscious subtle behavioural patterns, body language indicating that he is into you. It would not be futile to check them on your casual conversation or first date. Some of them are made at the subconscious level where the man also does not know that he’s interested in you. Old saying “Men are from mars” is not true anymore. Few signs which can be in your favour to know that the guy is interested in you are as mentioned:

  • Positive body language: His arms are not crossed or hands are not in his pocket while talking to you. He’s not gazing in the horizon or checking someone else out, while you are trying to talk.
  • Never misses an opportunity: Be it’s a morning “Hi” or “Good night” he never misses to make an attempt to talk. May be if it’s even two-three lines. By just being in touch all the time is a clear cut sign of his interest.
  • Mr Questionnaire: Guy asks probing question to check your current relationship status. It’s a hint to check if there is a vacancy for him. If he can fill in the blank space.
  • Attention to detail: Man, who is interested in you, will asks your likes and dislikes. Taste in music, travel, books, fitness etc. All this hard-work for making future dates more promising with you.
  • Mood lifter: At work place, college or in building premises sometimes you miss out on the good guy just because he’s making you smile or laugh, when you have a bad day. You never see him in that light. But he’s definitely into you, otherwise why will take so much of an effort.
  • Takes effort: Guy making effort to look good, smell good and talk/do things of your interest. Did you notice a change ever since you first him. If the answer is yes. Then he’s is showing interest but not ready to admit it yet.
  • Makes eye contact: While talking to you he makes an eye contact. Leaves everything he’s busy with when you are trying to talk. Holds your hand or put his hand on your shoulder. It’s a very clear cut sign of being interested in you.
  • His pupils dilate and eyes lit up seeing you. His behaviour is different when you are around. He wants to make a good impression on you.
  • Is open about his previous disastrous relationships. Wishes to make a fresh start with a clean slate. Just think! Why he is making so close details clear to you. He’s into you.

If you see these signs on a regular basis, that someone holds a special place for you in his heart. Further hold no doubts reciprocate to his signs in a subtle way. Take your casual acquaintance to a different level of romance and love.


How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress


Stress is defined in the dictionary as a state of mental and emotional tension as a result of demanding or adverse situations. The truth is that we face stress everyday in our lives and it is becoming increasingly normal to fell stressed. There are different ways of dealing with stress and every individual has a different method of dealing with stress. It is pertinent to keep in mind that not all methods of dealing with stress are beneficial to us in the long run.

Here is a list of the methods which one can follow to avoid stress:

  • Stress is an inevitable part of life and it is better to focus on how to move forward rather than wasting time stressing. Taking a realistic view of the situation and taking responsibility to deal with the problem is a great to deal with stress.
  • One of the easiest ways to keep stress at bay is by keeping our body fit and healthy through physical activities such as jogging, swimming or dancing. Exercise helps in release of stress hormones and increase in endorphin levels in the body.
  • It is important to surround oneself with positive people and not withdraw from the company of friends and family. It always helps to clear ones thoughts when you share your feelings with other.
  • Developing a positive attitude as well as a sense of humour helps one in keeping strong and motivated while dealing with stress.
  • Another way of reducing stress is to avoid circumstances that cause the stress.
  • One of the simplest ways of reducing stress is by getting adequate sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to get the body fully recharged and energized.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet ensures that the body is strong and healthy and thus helps in reducing stress levels. It is important to eat healthy foods like complex carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Water is a great source of decreasing stress as cortisol, a stress hormone is released when the body is dehydrated. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content.
  • Alcohol, substance abuse and junk food are one of the most common vices that a person takes up while trying to relieve stress. But in the long run they cause more harm to the body.
  • One of the easiest ways of dealing with stress is by picking up a new hobby which is interesting and helps you not to focus on the stress. A new hobby could be reading, playing a sport, learning a new skill etc as long as it makes one more cheerful and enthusiastic about life.
  • Listening to calm music always helps one to overcome stress and relax and sooth the body, mind and soul. It is like a balm to release stress.
  • Meditation along with yoga helps in making a person focus on the positive things and relaxes the body through different breathing techniques.



Guests deck themselves up in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Roka ceremony

Guests deck themselves up in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Roka ceremony

The Roka ceremony which was held on the 18th of August, 2018 in Priyanka Chopra’s residence in Mumbai was attended by various close celebrity friends and relatives. The two started dating and this went on for a year. Until on Priyanka’s birthday when the couple went to London for a vacation and Nick asked for her hand in marriage.

After this, the duo was often spotted in various parts of the world where they were either on a vacation or for some work. The duo also started to introduce their partners to their respective family members. This is considered as a sweet gesture as both the celebrities were keen on knowing ones to be family members.

Nick also came down to India to spend some quality time with Priyanka’s close family members and also with his lady love. They were often spotted by the media where the couple was seen spending gala time with one another. Priyanka Chopra was also invited to attend the wedding of Nick’s cousin where he officially introduced her to his family as his girlfriend.

How the guests decked up themselves in Miss World’s Roka ceremony?

Priyanka’s mother in law Denise Miller Jonas dressed herself up in a traditional Indian garment in order to attend the Roka ceremony. Mother in law appeared to be just gorgeous in a green salwar kameez paired with some Indian accessories. On the other hand, father in law Paul Kevin Jonas wore a white kurta and pyjama which made him appear handsome and so ethnic.

Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mother appeared young and vibrant in a red sari with matching jewellery to pair with it. Parineeti Chopra who happens to be Priyanka’s cousin sister and also a Bollywood actress appeared awesome in a yellow kurta just like her elder sister. Parineeti made it sure to wear some matching accessories.

Priyanka Borkar who happens to be a celebrity hairstylist was also seen clicking pictures with the wonderful couple after the Roka ceremony. The hair stylist happens to wear a dark yellow Anarkali salwar kameez without a dupatta. Her hair has three shades of colour which includes pink, white and black. Mushtaq Sheikh was spotted in a red coloured kurta and a white pyjama.

After the ceremony snaps after snaps continued and the couple appeared to be too sweet to be separated.


Get summer ready with these fashion trends.

Get summer ready with these fashion trends.

Soaring temperature and humidity calls for light clothing. What to wear these summers. Look cool, trendy and chick with the latest trending ideas. Keeping it minimal the better is in with young girls. Here take a sneak-peak in the latest summer fashion trends, bringing together from the various stylists.

Maxi skirt: Keep it long or short….maxi skirts are very much in these summers. They suit any occasion and can be worn any time of the day. Long maxi’s make your figure appear slender and tall. They fall free from the hip giving enough room for air down below. Gives a great comfy feeling through-out. Best feature of it is that it can look god on all body and colour types. It is a must have in your summer wardrobe. There are variations you can go for in maxi skirts.

  • Palm prints, floral, geometry to ruffles.
  • Side slit to bear one side of leg for tall slender ones.
  • Wide two pockets on thighs to make it even more comfy.
  • Pair it up with summer sandals or a shrug and you are ready to rock.

Tank tops with tie-waist shorts: out for a picnic or barbeque to burn some coals in this prickly hot summer. Get trendy with minimal, breathable and sweat soaker. Tank tops are topping the charts every year with all age groups. Go for any light or dark shade tank-top matching your shorts. Team them up with tie-waist short for your slender figure and summery footwear to go with. If you sport long tresses better to tie them high-up in a big bun. If the fabric is plain with no prints try to accessorise a bit or go plain…temperature wise.               

Handkerchief dress: Break the mundane 9-5 office outfit with a new breezy change. Opt for handkerchief dress not too short or long, just the appropriate length. A wispy fabric with pleasant pastel shades for the day time, preferably printed if possible. Give good summer fashion trends goals to rest of the office staff.

  • Dressing for a professional event as a thumb rule always take sleeveless top/dresses 3 fingers wide, covers the bra strap.
  • Team it up with mule wedges and enjoy the office offsite party.

Evening Soiree: Shift dress is best suited for summer evening/nights. Black or white pattern or any dark shade combined with white or light shade. Choose pointed toe-flat for a smooth evening walk post supper. Do not experiment, go natural and match the accessories for the special evening.

Rompers for all reasons: Wear any time of the day or evening or any occasion. You can ditch your denims for these light, airy, comfy one piece magic summer fashion trends. A black or dark shade with small prints, teamed up with sleek sandals is a best bet for your girl’s night-out.

  • Add more style by adding a broad belt on top of elastic waist-band…will give you that up-town look.
  • Long slit sleeve with flowy breezy fabric and small prints will look good and soothing for soaring temperature, while keeping the shoulders and arms safe from the sun.
  • Add a denim shirt or jacket on top like a vest.

Off-shoulder tops: team them up with super distressed denims, minimal or no accessories/make-up. Just a hint of lip-gloss, cheek stain and kohl application will do justice. Avoid too much layers of make-up on skin in sweaty humid evenings.

Flirty dress: Planning for a date, try out flirty dress with gurly ruffles and your curly locks to go well with it, when left open. Dash of pink hue on cheeks and lip-gloss in nude shades for natural you. For the night adorn your eyes in eye kohl smothered over the lines and lashes mascara laden to look long and thick.  Add strappy slides with a sling bag for that long night walk along the beach under the moon light.

Strips are here to stay: You just can’t avoid strips; it’s there to say in all forms dark, light, bold, slender, dotted or just STRIPES! Try a BOHO with fringe strips; try a tank top with stripes. Pair it up with a bright pair of shorts to add jazz to the outfit.

Palazzo pants: Drape them loosely around your waist, pick in strips or shades. Plain whites look uber-cool with tank tops or spaghettis. Use it for barbeque lunches, cocktails or beach party; accessories if you wish to appear summer fashion trends friendly.

Plunge deep into the fashion world this summer season. Revamp your wardrobe with pastels, light airy fabrics, BOHO-mean, bright colours, perfect cuts and maxi for all reasons and shades. Do stock up tank tops, cold shoulders and sleeveless as they are never ample enough. Few pairs of shorts fitting well at the waist. Go for cotton, rayon and linen fabric wise.



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